MaiTyme’s team of IT, adult learning, and job performance experts welcome you to explore our site.  While serving manufacturing and other industries, we developed deep expertise in techniques and technologies which place access to job critical know-how directly into workflows to guide success… on and off the plant floor.




Software with Service: As a MaiTyme customer, your team provides us a small amount of information, you make a few management decisions, then we configure your specific instance of PowerAudit, deploy it, and sustain the system and support content dynamically. All for a subscription price that is about the same as software alone.

Our History

Bill Hitchcock formed MaiTyme in 2012 after retiring from Hewlett Packard. At HP and EDS, Bill led world-wide client training operations. Bill and his principals began their careers in plants. In other career assignments they built specialty skills in quality, IT, and job performance. MaiTyme combines a unique mix of skills and experience to produce a business solution for improving control of an elusive production variable… the MAN in MANufacturing.  In fact, human variation is the most difficult variable to control in any industry or operational environment.  MaiTyme specializes in reducing human variation to help customers get more from their current workforce.  

We specialize in audit solutions. Our PowerAudit Software and Service configures, implements, and sustains automation for manufacturers to meet industry requirements for Layered Process Audit, allowing plants to focus scarce resources on production work that produces financial results.
PowerAudit is configurable for any audit activity, regardless of industry.
PowerAudit is rapidly adopted by your audit workforce to do work the prescribed way and produce targeted results.